Thursday, August 20, 2009

BINTAN island (indonesia)

Last weekend Petra, Steff, Abdullah, Nisim and me went to Bintan island in indonesia. You wouldn´t believe how wonderful it was, so I made sure to give you tons of pictures. Plus it´s a tough decision to kick som out anyway ;)
From Tanah Merah in Singapore we took a ferry for about two hours to Tanjong Pinang on Bintan. After 45 minutes in a cab we reached Ocean Bay Resort, a fabolous Hotel with huts right in the water. All of this almost seemed too surreal to us, just AMAZING :) We spent the weekend hanging out on the beach, collecting shells, smoking shisha, having red wine and sweet tea with milk. Life can be so sweet!! But check it out yourself:

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  1. I really enjoyed your photos of a Bintan beach resort especially the sunset shots.