Sunday, September 13, 2009

tioman (malaysia)

Alright people, I know I´ve been bad lately, not keeping you up to date. But school is keeping me really busy plus there is so many things I enjoy doing out here. Then all this travelling that needs to be planned... Life is tough sometimes ;) Today we finished our bookings for Philippines on recess week. This coming Thursday Nisim and me will be leaving for Cebu and do some island hopping, finishing up in Manila from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning. That´s only going to be five quick days in Philippines, but i suppose very adventurous ones :)

This weekend I stayed in Singapore, to do some studying supposedly. Well I somehow wasted my Saturday in town shopping somehow. How could I resist buying three necklaces for 10 SGD (ca. 5€)??? Well I am actually saving money lately - for all that trips that are about to come :)
Plus school is almost over again... in about 11 weeks I am finished with all my exams for this semester and am off to who knows where. I can´t believe how time flies by... But fortunately there is all this wonderful places around that stop time for a while. Like Tioman, an Malaysian Island we went to last weekend. Check out the pictures and be jealous, whatever busy place you are in this world:

This weekend was just awesome. It was really hard to only select a "few" pictures to give you a feeling of what a great time I am having down here ;) hehe
We actually liked Tioman so much, that we extended our stay till Monday morning. Eventhough that meant I would miss my favorite class. But this piece of heaven was definitely worth it :)

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