Friday, August 7, 2009


Well Wednesday was a great day. Since school didn't start yet (rumors are that they want to watch people with fever first, to eliminate swine flus..) we slept long. After egg&coconut jam and fresh papaya for breakfast we head out for the Singapore Flyer. Egg&coconut doesn´t taste as bad as you might think it would, not to good neither... It comes in green and brown, haven´t found out the difference yet, but i´ll keep you updated!
They claim Singapore Flyer being "the biggest observation wheel in the world". Well, i will check on that one day... It was still nice seeing the city from up there and I took some great shot. Check them out:

A ride on the ferris wheel takes about 30 minutes. After coming back down we went for food at a Hawker Center, a place with tons of small food kiosks. I had a delicious sea food soup. Still wondering why they put that much spaghetti in there though... After dinner we walked towards Clarks Quay, a common meeting point for international students. Wednesday is ladies night in town! We got free entry into doubleO and free drinks all night, anything we wanted! We definitely had a great evening :)

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