Sunday, December 27, 2009


Merry Christmas and very happy holidays from Mumbai! For about one month in total Nisim and me are backpacking South India. What an interesting, colorful and very diverse country! We started in Trivandrum, took a bus to Cochin, a train to Madurai to see the the huge ancient temple complex, another overnight train to Bangalore (which has at least a few nice corners), a bus to Mysore for the beautiful Palace, the most horrifying bus ride to Hampi where we got stock with the beautiful ancient ruins and amazing landscape for six days and last but not least a sleeper bus up to Mumbai where we celebrated Christmas! Tomorrow morning we are off to Goa for New Years Eve, another scenic train ride!! But see yourself and check out a very very reduced selection of the most breathtaking pictures on my Picasa Web Album! (If you click onto the slideshow you will be redirected to the album)

We will return to Singapore on the 5th of January and I will be back in Germany in the end of January. Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


i know, i know. I should be hanging out in town, enjoying myself.Unfortunately my graduate school applications take longer than i imagined and I am still in the process of trying to bring to paper what it is I wanna be doing in ten years from now. My imagination is kind of exhausted already..

Other than that the excitement level is quite low. It's monsun season and raining a lot in Singapore. Today lightening stroke the tree right next to me. The big bang still echos in my ears...

My residence now is also available on google maps. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

studying can be boring sometimes...

Yes people, I am still alive! Just exam period right now. Will finish my exams next week Thursday and then be up for more excitement to entertain you :)

I am coming back to Germany on 26th of January, arriving the 27th :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

rainforest kayaking...

for everybody who didn´t get enough borneo pictures:
we got Ivy`s ( picture CD today. check it out:

(if you don´t like the slide-show set-up, just click and have a look at the picasa web album :))

Friday, October 16, 2009

Borneo :)

okay people lets try something new: I generated a slideshow from my latest trip to Kuching, Malaysia (Borneo!). Check it out and enjoy :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Hey everybody, first my apologies for being a bit late with updating. But my netbook broke down, not starting up anymore. If I ever manage going to the repair center they will surely tell me to simply buy a new computer. Easy said, but since somebody booked an incredible amount from my credit card, I cancelled it and am pretty much broke now... But hey, a life without money or a computer is not as bad as it sounds - well actually its worse!!

But lets review on the happy things going on, for example travelling! For recess week, Nisim and me went to the Philippines. We only spent five days down there, but they were full of adventures and excitement!! But see yourself:

We flew through Manila into Cebu. From there we took a ferry to Tagbilaran on Bohol Island and a tricycle to Alona beach on Panglao island. There we found the nicest beach EVER. We had dinner right on the beach under palm trees with somebody playing the harp. Afterwards a one hour full body massage with body oil under the starry sky in the sand, listening to the waves, for only 300 Pesos (4,20 Euro!). If THIS was not paradise, then we definitely got very close... Anybody looking for a honeymoon destination?? ;)

that is baked pineapple with purple "uva" icecream: delicious!

The next morning we got up 5:15 to leave for dolphin watching 5:45. It was definitely worth it! The same boat took us to some beautiful reef for snorkling where we saw colourful fish, huge swarms, starfish and even a huge turtle! The trip ended with hanging out at the smallest island I've ever been to...

We found NEMO!!

our sweet house on Alona Beach:
philippino food always comes in little bowls...
After dolphin watching we soon left on a motorbike for the ferry terminal in Tagbilaran, taking a ferry to Siquijor Island, where we spent the next two nights. The day in between we rented a motorbike (300 Pesos for the full day) and went around the island on it.

fried baby bananas:
bottled fuel and we were ready to take off on our bike!
On our way we met a bunch of kids who spontaneously decided to sing their national anthem for us. It was truly beautiful with all their ups and downs in the voices. A very happy and energetic anthem :

After we said long goodbyes to the kids, we made our way to the most wonderful fresh water lagoon you could imagine. Tons of waterfalls, the bluest water and just nobody there!
Later on we met Braxton, probably the craziest "girl" on the island (on the far left)
The evening ended with a cocktail on the cliffs...
The next morning we got up early to take a ferry back to Cebu. The city was quite disappointing, but we were taking a flight to Manila the same night anyway. Manila was not really more interesting though. Philippine cities don't really have a lot to offer... Getting to know their culture on the other hand was interesting enough :)

And off to Manila, just on time for delicious Arabic food and Shisha to relax for that evening.
We spend our last day in Manila with sightseeing, being a bit disappointed, but met very interesting people! :)

These ants use caterpillar silk to build houses out of leaves. They therefore capture the caterpillar and steal its silk to glue everything together.

This 3D ceiling of the church is really only a 2D image that appears to be 3D...
dried squid on a stick - disgusting!!
one more time dinner at the Arabic place...

Especially weird posters or products usually indicate that you are back in Singapore. So does the facial mast made out of sheep placenta...

Fortunately we made it back safe from the Philippines before the floods started. My sad thoughts to everybody who got affected by the floods. May the hundreds of people that died rest in peace!