Thursday, August 20, 2009

BINTAN island (indonesia)

Last weekend Petra, Steff, Abdullah, Nisim and me went to Bintan island in indonesia. You wouldn´t believe how wonderful it was, so I made sure to give you tons of pictures. Plus it´s a tough decision to kick som out anyway ;)
From Tanah Merah in Singapore we took a ferry for about two hours to Tanjong Pinang on Bintan. After 45 minutes in a cab we reached Ocean Bay Resort, a fabolous Hotel with huts right in the water. All of this almost seemed too surreal to us, just AMAZING :) We spent the weekend hanging out on the beach, collecting shells, smoking shisha, having red wine and sweet tea with milk. Life can be so sweet!! But check it out yourself:

botanical garden

this post is dedicated to all my biology friends :)
Last week we went to Singapore Botanical Garden and had a great time. They even have an orchid garden integrated into their botanical garden. I felt like in heaven... After strolling around and being unproductive, we had sushi for dinner at our favorite sushi place at Clementi and finished this wonderful day with jasmin and apple shishas! mhhhhh.... But check it out yourself: