Thursday, April 8, 2010

rollerblading East Coast Park

My last Sunday in Singapore I finally managed to go rollerblading in East Coast Park with all my sportive friends! :)

McDonalds Skate Through - unfortunately I am not a big fan of McD...

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one more time Singapore madness at Sentosa

Sentosa is an artificial island in from of Singapore and absolutely NOTHING on this island is found to be truly "natural". Singaporeans believe, that you can build your own "nature trail", forests and beaches. Well maybe "nature" is overrated anyway... or not?

First stop: (another) Merlion statue. The symbol of Singapore, half lion, half mermaid...

Second: butterfly park with tons of colorful species and smart parrots:

yes, they started fighting about the food and I was scared for life... ;)

the situation calmed down...

Third: Sentosa Luge

And last: a sunset at the beach...

Unfortunately even the nicest days come to an end at one point...

22nd of January - enjoying Singapore at night one more time...

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diving adventure in Phuket

Finally, some pictures from Phuket, where I took my PADI open water and advanced open water courses. But see yourself how beautiful Thailand was!

ready to jump

grand strike


boat dive out with the "tough" guys

Dao, who introduced me into lots of good food!

Some old guy decided to lighten a lantern for me for my prosperous and healthy life!

pineapple (!) rice with special coconut sauce was my favorite!